Gaganyaan Mission Astronaut Names Announced. ISRO's Upcoming Missions After its success, isro said a test flight might take a robot into area in 2024, before astronauts are despatched into area in 2025

Nisar The Nasa-Isro artificial aperture radar (Nisar), a collaborative undertaking between Nasa and isro goals to release a dual- frequency synthetic aperture radar satellite tv for pc this is going for use for far flung sensing.Nisar

This is a collaborative endeavour between ISRO and Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL). It is scheduled for a launch in the 'fourth quarter of 2024'. Gaganyaan 1, which serves as a test flight set to accommodate three crew members will prepare India for its manned space mission.

Mangalyaan-2 Additionally known as mars orbiter project 2 (mother 2), mangalyaan-2 may be isro's 2d mars planet mission. This challenge aims to observe surface, surroundings, and climatic conditions. The assignment is also predicted to release this yr.1

Under Shukrayaan-1, ISRO will attempt to plan a mission for Venus and its launch is scheduled for December 2024 or 2025. This spacecraft will orbit Venus for five years and aims to study the atmosphere of the planet.

GAGANYAAN The mission pursuits to send 3 astronauts to an orbit of 400km and produce them again after three days. India's space business enterprise isro has been wearing out some of exams to prepare for the flight