The charges that Hailey Bieber "stole" Justin from Selena were eventually made public.

In the snippet from the popular podcast called "Call Her Daddy,"  a surprise guest was present. It was none other than 25 year old Hailey Bieber

In a small excerpt from the full interview, which will be made public on Thursday, Alexandra asks, "How has being married to someone with that amount of renown altered your identity." Hailey responds, "Where do I start?"

The couple got married in 2018 but Hailey was subjected to many negative rumor but she has never opened up but she's ready now

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"Your husband was in a very public relationship," Alexandra explains, "and people were obsessed with them [Justin and Selena] being together."  "Did you ever have a romantic relationship with Justin at the same time as she did?"

To which she responded by saying its not her character to do so, she also added that she has spoken to Selena and there's nothing going on between them

"That's how it is," she added. "You'll still not be able to correct every narrative, and there will always be new ones. It will never end, which is why I get to the point — and why I don't talk about a lot of this stuff."