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Richest Country In The World

Every two years, the IMF (International Monetary Fund) publishes information on the world’s wealthiest countries. And, this year, the organization also released a list of the richest country in the world based on per capita income and purchasing power parity (PPP). Many of the world’s hundreds of countries generate billions or even trillions of dollars in annual revenues. But which country came out on top as the world’s richest country? This is something we’ll talk about in this piece. So, read this article until the end to learn more about the “Richest country in the world.”

Richest country in the world


China boasts a number of firsts. Its the world’s most populated country, has risen to the top of the list of the world’s richest countries. fficially recognized as the People’s Republic of China, is a country in East Asia that connects five time zones and has 14 borders, second only to Russia.

United States

The United States, which is situated in North America, is the world’s third-largest and most populous country. Therefore, United States is the world’s second-richest country in the world after China.


Germany, which is known officially as the Federal Republic of Germany, is Europe’s second-most populous country and the continent’s seventh-largest. When it comes to the richest countries in the world, Germany comes in third place.


Another European country, France, has climbed into the top five richest countries in the world. France is known for its fine wines and elegant cuisine. Paris, the capital of France, is known for its fashion houses, galleries of classical art, and monuments as well.

United Kingdom

England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland make up the United Kingdom, which is an island nation in Europe. And, this European country “United Kingdom” is also ranked fifth among the world’s richest countries.


Canada is another North American country that has joined the ranks of the world’s wealthiest nations, following the United States. In terms of the overall area, it is the world’s second-largest country after Russia.


Officially known as the Commonwealth of Australia, Australia is the largest country in Oceania and one of the sixth-largest countries in the world in terms of land area. It is the only Oceanian country on the list of the world’s richest countries.


East Asia’s island nation ranks eighth among the world’s wealthiest nations. Japan is the world’s eleventh most populous country and one of the world’s most urbanized nations.


In the list of richest countries in the world, the tenth most populous country ranks ninth. Mexico, a country in North America, is officially also known as the United Mexican States.


The Nordic country is also the largest in Northern Europe, the third-largest in the European Union, and the fifth-largest in Europe. On the list of the world’s most affluent countries, it also ranks fourth in Europe.

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