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Best App Sumo Deals

The Appsumo Deal Site is always changing, but some of the best deals are well worth the price. You can find discounts on apps like Book Like a Boss, TidyCal, and SendFox. In addition to AppSumo, you can also sign up for AppSumo’s briefcase subscription, which offers a curated collection of top-tier software. These deals are updated every week, so you’ll want to check back every week to see what’s new.


If you’re looking for an app to manage your calendar, you’ve found the right place. TidyCal is one of the AppSumo originals and offers a lot of great features. It deletes recipient time zones automatically and allows you to set specific blocks of time during the day. The app even lets you integrate with your Facebook or Google calendar, which means you can easily share and edit your schedule. TidyCal is also extremely easy to use, which means you’ll find it quick and easy to get started.

With TidyCal, you can easily integrate your calendar with Google, Outlook, and Zoom. With the app, you can schedule meetings, schedule time off, and integrate multiple calendars into one calendar. Then, you can share your calendar with your clients, embed it on your website, and even invite people to join you at your meetings. The app also offers a rescheduling feature, which is a great option for people who have trouble making time for a meeting. In addition, TidyCal can sync multiple calendars with different users, allowing you to schedule meetings with people all over the world.

Send Fox:

If you’re looking to save money on your email marketing, consider the SendFox AppSumo deal. For only $49, you can get a lifetime subscription to SendFox, a great alternative to Convert Kit and Mailchimp. The company’s email marketing software features automatic email drafts and RSS content updates, making it easy to create and send out an email blast. It is also possible to create unlimited customized emails with SendFox’s email automation features.

The lifetime subscription to SendFox comes with an unlimited number of email sends. You can create and schedule your emails, write custom emails, and create built-in forms and landing pages. You can even add an unlimited number of brands to your account. This deal is only valid for new users, however. SendFox is one of the most affordable email marketing tools on the market, and you can take advantage of it without compromising on quality.

Book Like a Boss:

If you’re interested in building your landing page, Book Like a Boss can help you do just that. The app’s landing page tool makes it simple to include everything your client needs to know – from what they need to know about your services to pricing and a calendar of available dates. It even has stacking options for those who purchased the original lifetime deal. With so many features to choose from, Book Like a Boss can help small business owners make the most of their online presence.

The Book Like a Boss App allows users to create a booking page and eliminate the need for a website. A simple design helps the client decide what to purchase, and Book Like a Boss’ payment tool makes it easy to accept credit cards online. It also includes a coupon tool to let customers know about discounts and limits on how often they can use coupons. Book Like a Boss is an all-in-one marketing solution.

Word Hero:

The WordHero AppSumo deal is a lifetime offer that will help you create authentic, rich content. The WordHero platform utilizes AI technology to provide unique content for your website and blog. With over 35 different types of content, it is ideal for bloggers, social media teams, agencies, and more. The company is currently working on better features, so you can expect them to be even better in the future.

The WordHero product helps copywriters write content that converts. It has 54 AI-based writing assistant tools and 175 billion machine learning parameters. This enables users to create unique, organized content that’s free of plagiarism. WordHero can also help you promote your products online with social media posts. If you’re a copywriter and have a blog, WordHero can help you make that content.


If you’re looking for a low-cost SEO tool, Screpy is the solution. The user-friendly web analytics tool allows you to monitor all the performance metrics of your website with one convenient dashboard. The tool is packed with powerful features, including built-in AI, and helps you measure KPIs and website performance. It’s perfect for both marketers and website owners, and you can get a lifetime subscription for as low as $49 through AppSumo.

One of the best features of this tool is that it can monitor your site’s uptime. It also alerts you if your website is down and offers screenshots and error logs. The software is available for both free and paid versions, so there’s no risk to try it out. But remember to sign up for the lifetime access plan to get the most out of the service. You can also cancel it at any time within 60 days if you’re not satisfied.


Woorise is a tool that allows you to create beautiful contests and giveaways. It helps you build your brand, increase subscribers, and boost your revenue by using various tactics to market your business. Listed below are some of the features of Woorise that you should be aware of. They make the process of creating contests and giveaways easy and stress-free. They also provide you with a range of features, such as conditional notifications and form filling.

A lifetime membership to Woorise is available for $49 and includes lifetime access. This deal is normally $515. There is an option to purchase lifetime access for an additional $99, but it is extremely rare. In any case, you should plan ahead so that you can get the most out of your purchase. Woorise is an excellent option for digital marketers, social media marketers, and e-commerce business owners.

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