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Best Chinese Movies

In recent years, China has been a continuous source of delight for movie fans from around the world. As filmmakers in China have been experimenting with a variety of filming styles, and as a result, they have developed new works that are distinct from the majority of other filmmaking. The following is a list of the best Chinese movies ever made. You can watch many of these top Chinese movies on streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

This is without a doubt one of the most well-known Chinese films of all time. A youthful warrior steals Master Li’s sword, Green Destiny. Master Li’s search for the sword leads him to the House of Yu, where the film takes a fantastic turn. The film has a great blend of scenic and dramatic settings, as well as jaw-dropping martial arts action.

Comrades, Almost A Love story

Xiaojun is a young man from a small village who has come to Hong Kong in pursuit of a better life. He aspires to be able to ask for his lover’s hand in marriage one day. He meets Qiao in the city, who teaches him about city life. The two are unable to resist falling in love with each other. Given the circumstances, they come to the conclusion that they should not add fuel to the blaze of their feelings, but is it possible for love to ever diminished? It’s almost a love story, just like the title suggests.

Kung Fu Chefs

Wong Ping Yee, a well-known chef, is tricked by his nephew into poisoning a judge, and as a result, he is expelled from the community. In an attempt to reclaim his lost respect, he prepares a young cook to compete in a “Top Chef” competition. This action-packed comedy is a delight to watch.

Yi Yi

A masterpiece that will leave you with tears in your eyes and a large smile on your face. This family film covers three generations of the Jian family, including the father, his daughter, son, and an elderly grandmother. The movie’s goofy charm and simplicity make it a joy to see.

The Blue Kite

The movie portrays the consequences of China’s Hundred Flowers Campaign, Great Leap Forward, and Cultural Revolution on a family effectively. Even throughout post-production, the film was met with opposition from the government, and it was eventually prohibited upon its distribution. However, all politically significant work suffers the same destiny.

Spring In A Small Town

Spring In A Small Town is a compelling narrative of a woman divided between duty and love, and it is one of the best films in cinematic history. Despite the fact that she is married to another guy, she finds herself in a difficult situation when her old flame returns to town. This film is a classic set against the backdrop of the Sino-Japanese War.

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