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Summer outfits for college girl

Summer is when the sun is on the top of your head draining all your energy and making the heat unbearable for you. On such days we don’t want to go outside of the house and leave the cooler or AC. But going to college is necessary for us.
Now-a-days along with the studies getting ready is also a big element of college for students and especially for girls. This heat and all isn’t really a problem unless you keep your outfit cool. Summer outfits for college girl. There are so many ways to slay in the summer while wearing your comfort and style together.


Short or long, cotton kurtas are always comfortable to wear in summer. You can pair these kurtas with jeans or pants or plazo, oxidised light weight jewellery which keep the look simple but significant, you can make a bun of hair which will look cute and helpful in this summer, you can use a tote bag, watch and a pair of flats. Last but not least please choose the colours bright and light to wear because that’s what makes your outfit look more elegant.

T-shirt with sneakers

Again a very comfortable and classic outfit for your summer fits. There are so many different t-shirts we all have in our closets. In this case also, you can style your t-shirt with jeans, shorts, trousers, joggers, etc. Your t-shirt could be any type oversized or crop or slim fit. So many options are there for such outfits. Sneakers are big element to make you look more subtle. Wrist watch, pony tails, open hair with cute clips, tote bags, trending rings are the things going to add extra beauty to your outfit. Though it is the most basic outfit for college fits, it looks really cool.


Another summer fit which is a little more attractive than the above two fits. Dresses are really cute and especially good for summer. There are also a lot of options such as different colours, floral, plain, types of sleeves, short or long, square neck, round neck, etc. You can pair it up with sneakers, flats, sandals, watch, bracelets, anklets, hair clips, belts, tote bags, purses, etc. You can also wear a denim jacket to cover and save yourself from the tanning. Dresses are easier to carry and prettier to look at.

Crop tops

Here’s one more beautiful fit for your summer plans. Crop tops are stylish and just add more beauty to your summer. Again we found a huge amount of variety in the tops here. You can pair it up with different types of jeans like high waist, low waist, skinny fit, baggy fit, joggers, trousers, skirts, plazo, etc. Summer outfits for college girl. Pairing it with different style bottom wears is gonna make it look different every time. A single crop top can be used for different occasions. Accessories for this fit are necklace, rings, earrings, ear cuffs, hair clips, hair belts, flats, sneakers, heels, leather shoes, purse, tote bag, etc. Styling a crop top for your college outfit is gonna make you look more sassy.


All these cute, beautiful, sassy outfits are nothing if you are not wearing confidence in your body language, face gestures and your work. College is the place where we have to make an image, build a proper mindset, prepare for the future and set up the real higher goals. Your outfit is a first impression and the rest of your things are the key to maintaining it. Wearing confidence while carrying your every outfit, answering every question, making memories, learning lessons is going to make your outfit look complete.

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