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Top YouTubers in the world

Youtubers are the influencers of the online world. They’re people with massive audiences online, making decent money from their online success.

The top YouTubers in the world are:

1. PewDiePie

PewDiePie is one of the top subscribed YouTubers in the world. His subscriber count is huge. On average, he gets 5 million views every single day. In 2017 he became the highest-paid YouTube creator. Pewdiepie is one of the youngest YouTube sensations of all time. His videos are entertaining, hilarious, and very helpful to people in everyday life

2. MrBeast

MrBeast is a video blogger with more than 90 million subscribers and has made hundreds of millions of dollars with his content. He has been working since he was 16 years old, which is young, but he’s a top YouTuber and has made a lot of great content.

3. Kids Diana

Kids Diana show is one of the top subscribed YouTubers in the world. Her channel has over 94.1 million subscribers, and her videos get 10 million views daily. Diana’s channel was made with kids in mind. She shares videos on food, crafts, dance, make-up tips, and many more. She makes simple and easy DIY projects and crafts ideas.

4. Like Nastya

Like Nastya is one of the top subscribed YouTubers. Nastya has millions of subscribers, and she’s pretty much the go-to person for hair tutorials. That’s all she does – she creates hair tutorials, and it’s trendy.

5. Vlad and Nikita

Vlad and Nikita are also YouTubers with the highest subscriber count in the world. In December 2016, they had over 150 million views. They have had over 100 million views in a month. Over their whole channel, they have over 2 billion views.

6. Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect is one of the top subscribed YouTubers in the world. And this is no surprise. They have more than 72 million views a day. Dude Perfect is one of the hilarious vlogs on YouTube. And they’ve been around since 2011.

7. HolaSoyGerman

As of 2020, the channel has over 9.19 billion views, with 38 million subscribers. He’s also gained fame for his reaction videos, where he reacts to funny or weird videos. HolaSoyGerman began in 2010 when he began uploading reaction videos to his then-new YouTube account. HolaSoyGerman is one of the top subscribed channels on YouTube, and if you’re looking for some funny reaction videos, HolaSoyGerman is the channel to subscribe to.

8. JuegaGerman 

JuegaGerman has the most subscribers, and he was born on 15 June 1992. He released his first video in 2009 but got his first 3 million subscribers in 2012. He is one of the best YouTubers ever in 2018. JuegaGerman Youtube is the most popular Youtuber in the world.

9. whinderssonnunes

whinderssonnunes is one of the top 9 most subscribed YouTubers in the world. The channel has over a billion views per day. The channel is based in the United States and creates funny content for the audience.

10. Felipe Neto

Felipe Neto was born in 1992 in Brazil. He has 43 million subs and has been uploading videos since January 2011. He makes about $2 million annually from Google AdSense and other advertisements.

11. Fernanfloo

Fernanfloo has 1.3 billion channel views, making him the highest subscribed YouTuber worldwide. This young star was born in a small town called Las Piñas, Philippines. But he is now based in California, United States. Fernanfloo is considered the most famous person in his hometown because of his Youtube channel.

12. Você Sabia?

The channel offers a mix of some of the most popular blogs and some more quirky, offbeat vlogs. Many of the videos revolve around daily life, especially in Sweden, where the YouTuber lives with his Swedish boyfriend. 

13. elrubiusOMG

He is considered the first YouTube creator from the UK to have over 10 million subscribers. His channel started in 2007, and since then, it has accumulated 50 million views and 9 billion watch time on his videos. To keep himself updated on new technology trends, he attends many conferences. He has also won “Best Online Personality” in 2015, “Best Creator at New Media Expo 2015”, and “Best Video Creator” in 2017.

14. 5-Minute Crafts

Its channel is among the top 25 million YouTube channels by subscriber count. The video is getting over half a billion views every month, and the video’s engagement is at the top of the charts. The videos consist of crafts, home makeovers, DIYs, and garden and farm ideas. 5-Minute crafts aim to teach, inspire, and entertain.

15. Luisito Comunica

Luisito Comunica is one of the top subscribed YouTubers in the world. His style of humour includes his own culture mixed with others. He covers many categories: comedy, music, entertainment, travel, and much more.

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