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Best Cafes In Delhi

There are many best cafe in Delhi that are renowned for their great ambiance, delectable food, and culture. We are extremely grateful to Delhi for giving India so many well-known and legendary cafe. Delhi boasts a wide variety of restaurants, from those in the busy lanes of Khan Market to those in the charming streets of Champa Gali. When we were not even through covering the older cafes in the city. New ones such as those in Hudson Lane and Satya Niketan started popping up. These new cafes not only serve delectable food but are also favorable to customers’ wallets. Because of this, we have compiled a comprehensive list of Delhi’s top cafes.

The Big Chill Cafe

This restaurant is so well-known that it does not even require an introduction because it is the original establishment to provide delectable Italian cuisine. Since it first opened its doors all those years ago, our go-to hangout location has been The Big Chill Cafe, which features the most charming vintage atmosphere we have ever witnessed. The all-cheese pizza, the penne with vodka, and of course, the delicious pizza rolls are some of the favourites of this restaurant. Another delectable offering for the stomach may be found at these lovely people’s separate dessert restaurant, which is appropriately named The Big Chill Cakery. Try their incredibly decadent Mississippi Mud Pie and Banoffee Pie, both of which are incredibly well-known among customers.


Ricos is also one of the favorite hiding places in the city, delighting us with an abundance of delicious Mexican, Italian, and other cuisines. They have incredibly stylish hardwood furnishings and Instagram-worthy graffiti. When you go to Ricos, you should stuff yourself with their Mushroom Cheese Burst, Chicken Florentine, The Farmer John Burger, and Vegetarian Lasagna because you will, without a doubt, adore all of these dishes.

Hauz Khas Social, Hauz Khas

One of Delhi’s most well-known and adored cafes is Hauz Khas Social. Simply take a seat, relax, and place an order for some comfort food and a couple of drinks, or you can always go to the bar and get a drink. Additionally, they offer breakfast all day. There are countless options available here, including American burgers and sandwiches, Biryani, and Sizzlers. Plus, they have excellent sports screening sessions, speedy service, and a tonne of terrific booze deals that will keep you going back.

Raasta, Hauz Khas

The decor of Raasta Cafe in Hauz Khas Village is a doorway to a lovely Caribbean island. Classics by Bob Marley and other illustrious musicians will be playing in the background as you relax in the roomy lounge. By encouraging fans of Reggae and Dubstep music to the floor and fostering the ideal Saturday night atmosphere, this cafe in Delhi contributes to Hauz’s bustling nightlife. They integrate Middle Eastern, Indian, and Asian cuisines into their dish. Light bites, bar snacks, and substantial, hefty meals are all options.

Soho Bistro & Cafe, Saket

The Soho Bistro & Cafe in Delhi is a great place to hang out with your squad on the weekends, including an open outside area with colourful seating and entertaining board games. A relaxed atmosphere is created by the presence of plants hanging from the ceilings, wooden tables and chairs, and windows with a blue tint. You can visit Soho at any time of day because they have distinct breakfast, lunch, and supper menus.

Diggin, Chanakyapuri

Are you searching for the ideal location for a romantic evening? Put an end to searching. For a romantic evening with your significant other, head to Diggin, a charming cafe in Chanakyapuri. You and your partner will undoubtedly enjoy the atmosphere created by the roses hanging on the walls and the dark lighting. There are plenty of other things to get high on, so the absence of booze won’t be a problem (Belgian chocolate overload shake, for instance). The best Aglio-e-Olio in the region is served at this hidden cafe close to Santushti Shopping Center.

Amalfi, Greater Kailash 2

Amalfi provides true Italian food, which goes far beyond pizza and pasta. The cafe boasts stunning rooftop seating, minimalist and attractive decor, and delicious meals. You would be transported to Amalfi, a village on the southwest coast of Italy, by the simple Italian decor and dim lighting. Although you might have trouble pronouncing the names of the dishes, you would undoubtedly adore their flavour.

Cha Bar, Connaught Place

Cha Bar, a section of the Oxford Bookstore, is great for reading a book while enjoying a cup of tea and a tasty snack. Nilgiri, Darjeeling, Assamese, herbal, Ayurvedic, and organic teas are among the selections they provide you. For the perfect book-reading experience, enjoy a sandwich or dessert. The helpful staff at the cafe will assist you in choosing your next book in addition to helping you place your food order.

Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters, Saket

You probably already know about charming cafe in Delhi if you love coffee or can’t live without it. With the aid of local coffee farmers, Blue Tokai is a coffee roasting business that also distributes freshly roasted coffee. By bringing the third wave of coffee, they have also completely changed the coffee scene in the city. There are numerous drink options available. Although the coffee is their major focus, there are a few tasty appetizers you may get to go with it.

Tabula Beach Cafe

Who wouldn’t want to have a holiday on the beach, surrounded by palm trees, and enjoy the cool breeze? However, you no longer need to travel elsewhere in order to feel and experience any of these. Because this cafe is a location that is equivalent to a beach. A multi-cuisine restaurant is Tabula Beach Cafe. The cafe’s decor has a seaside vibe. Live music is playing in the background as you can dance on the dance floor. Don’t leave the restaurant without trying the Burmese Khao Suey as well.

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