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Best Desert Safari Dubai

‘Best Desert Safari Dubai’ is a hot topic nowadays. So, everything pertaining to a desert safari in Dubai will be covered in this post. Well, if you’re in Dubai, you’ll want to do much more than just dine and shop in the malls. Going into the desert is a highly enlightening cultural experience. For this reason, you shouldn’t miss out on participating in one of these Dubai desert safari experiences. Therefore, a trip to Dubai wouldn’t be complete without seeing the desert, and there is no better way to do so than on a safari.

However, how can you decide which is ideal for you? You will learn everything that will enable you to select the “Best Desert Safari in Dubai” in this article, so read on. It is an exhilarating and exciting experience to go on a Dubai desert safari in the nearby sandy desert. Choosing from a wide range of exciting desert excursions is really challenging. The excursion begins when you board your 4×4 wheel drive at the pick-up location. For additional information, continue reading.

Desert Safari Dubai Price

Depending on your interests, the “Desert Safari Dubai Price” can range anywhere from $0 to $500 or more. If you want to save some money, you can arrange a day excursion for as little as $20, which will allow you to still enjoy driving through the sand dunes, riding camels, and having a desert BBQ in the middle of the desert. A private desert safari costs $280, a luxury adventure costs $395, and you can even go on a hot air balloon safari for $335 if you’re looking for something a little more expensive. The only thing left for you to do is choose which option is more appealing to you.

Desert Safari Dubai Offers

Here is some Desert Safari Dubai Offers that the majority of tour operators and travel companies are offering.

  1. Pickup and Dropoff in 4×4 From Your Location
  2. Dune-bashing in Land Cruisers
  3. VIP Camp in the Desert
  4. Photo Point in the Desert.
  5. Riding a camel.
  6. 2 Belly Dance Exhibition
  7. Show of Tanoura Dance
  8. Overnight Camp in the Desert
  9. Camping outside, bonfire
  10. Fireworks
  11. Cold drinks, coffee, and tea
  12. Buffet BBQ dinner
  13. A BBQ dinner is served at your table, among other things.

Desert Safari Dubai Packages

As you are aware, there are several Dubai desert safari packages that range from early-morning tours to late-night excursions. Some of the packages can be excellent for people who wish to be adventurous while on their desert safari, while others may be ideal for people who want to be at peace. Therefore, the package of a desert safari in Dubai is something you should consider. You will need to check the itinerary to see what is included and make sure it fits your preferences.

Morning Desert Safari: Many people don’t have time to prepare for an evening safari because of their hectic schedules. So they can participate in a morning desert safari, an exhilarating adventure excursion. Along with around 20 minutes of intense dune bashing and an electrifying camp trip, the desert safari offers quad bikes, camel rides, and sand skiing. The morning safari that you experience will differ depending on the tour package that you book. The length of certain firms’ package trips ranges from two to three hours on average. For those who dislike dining out and camping, it is the best choice.

Evening Desert Safari: The evening desert safari is a must-do if you want to retain information for life. If you’re planning to travel to Dubai, schedule an evening safari in the desert to enjoy the excitement. You will have to stop for a break at the first location at a camel farm starting in the late afternoon. A desert ocean sunset, camel rides, and sandboarding are all opportunities you should take advantage of. Have some gorgeous henna designs done on your hands and feet. Embrace a festive spirit by indulging in mouthwatering BBQ and shisha. Right there in the campground, you may watch a belly dancer perform to the sounds of Arabic music.

Overnight Desert Safari: Take a midnight tour of the Arabian Desert while everyone in the camp is sleeping. Bring a camera with you so you may capture the sunrise over Dubai’s sandy desert. On this overnight desert excursion, learn about henna art, traditional clothing, and camel rides. After dinner, you can spend some time alone listening to the wind sandblasting in the quiet night. If you like to dance, watch a belly dancer execute a few steps. Enjoy dune buggying and sand skiing. For the night, don’t forget to carry blankets and sleeping bags.

Best Desert Safari Dubai Locations

The golden sands of Dubai offer a distinctive Desert Safari adventure and are usually found outside the city. The last thing you should consider is travelling to these locations since your tickets already include return transfers. The most well-known locations in Dubai that provide Desert Safari excursions are listed below.

1. Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

It is renowned for its conservation initiatives, which safeguard the desert’s threatened flora and species. It works to protect and preserve the desert habitat while luring guests with a variety of activities.

2. Al Awir Desert

The distance between the city center of Dubai and the Al Awir Desert is roughly 35 kilometers. It is renowned for being the agricultural and camel breeding center. A great place to do quad biking and dune bashing is the Al Awir Desert.

3. Al Faya Desert

Any tourist seeking to take in the unadulterated beauty and grace that only nature can provide must visit the Al Faya Desert. Due to its larger dune formation, the Al Faya Desert is also known as the Big Fall.

4. Jebel Maleihah

This is an excellent location to go to if you’re looking for old sea fossils. Due to the large number of marine fossils that can be found here, it is commonly referred to as the “Fossil Rock.”

5. Al Lahbab Desert

This location, which is around 50 miles outside of Dubai, is perfect for doing dune bashing or sandboarding and enjoying a BBQ meal. You will have an unforgettable experience in the stunning red desert since it offers views that are unmatched by any other location in the United Arab Emirates! You can also participate in their safari programs, in which they drive through rural villages while narrating details of neighbouring cultural events.

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