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Diet plan for weight loss

Weight being the major concern for all of us. Some are worried of their heavy weight and some from underweight.  Finding time to exercise is one of the biggest complaint for overweight people. Overweight people do not like heavy tummy but when the time comes for exercising they fail because they are lazy. They have not done heavy workout and haven’t not followed a proper diet from which they will get energy. They only like to eat junk foods which does not give them energy only makes them fat.  Many people have their own  reason for loosing weight. Women want to loose weight as they are getting married, gents starts their exercise in summer break that ends in one month or two. Diet plan for weight loss.

In order to loose weight you must have a proper diet plan for a week. If you want to loose weight then you can

Follow this healthy diet plan for weight loss and loose 1200 calories.


  • Start your day with oats, you can also have mixed nuts for your breakfast, if you are not a gastritis person then you can have cucumber water in the morning diet plan for weight loss.
  • In the afternoon have chappati, with dal it will give you protein.  Try to avoid rice as it will make you fatter.
  • Add another vegetable with chapatti to your dinner.


  • Eat a mixed vegetable along with curd and chappati.
  • Take small amount of rice with curry in the afternoon and also have some salat.
  •  Eat ladyfinger with chhapati.

Day 3

  • Have two eggs in breakfast only have the yellow part because it contains protein and the whiter contains fat
  • Have some oats
  •  Have fish in the dinner.

Then again start from the day 1 routine. Follow this diet routine with proper exercise and then you will start seeing the result very soon.

You can change the vegetables and add it to your meal daily.  A balanced diet supplies nutrients to your body to work effectively and efficiently. It has many benefits and the first is it protects our body from chronic non- communicable diseases such as  problems related to heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Eating a variety of food but consuming less salt and sugar is essential for a balanced diet. A balanced diet is also necessary when you are exercising or do anything to stay fit, when you exercise your tissues break , so here you need food to recreate it. If you will not have a proper balanced diet only exercising then day by day your body will loose its strength. So in order to stay healthy it’s very necessary to have a proper balanced diet. You might have heard a common proverb health is wealth which is absolutely true.

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